Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sigh..time to do a update lol

Im so embarrassed that I havent updated my blog :( im such a slacker at times. But here I am, trying to update it and will do my best to be consistent with things. Well lets see, whats new with Ms.B? Well, I'm gonna be a mommy and I'm very very excited. As of today, I am currently 13 weeks and 2 days along and this has been the reason for my youtube hiatus. I was soooooo very sick the first trimester, to the point where I lost about 20lbs and the doc gave me meds (Zofran) to help with the nausea and was a godsend!! I noticed around my bday (9-13) that my symptoms started easing up and i felt my appetite coming back. Which was great because I went to Red Lobster to celebrate my aunt's new addition to her family, Ms. 16 year old Deasia. Then for my bday we went to IHOP (I swear its a yearly tradition that never gets old lol) and then that sunday my uncle cooked for me. Fried Chicken, short ribs, mac n cheese, veggies, cornbread, chocolate chocolate cake and shrimp fettucine alfredo. Lawdie and to top it off me and Deasia had ice cream cake. Can you say FULL!!! lol. Anyway Ive had so many ups and downs and been so emotional, but with the internet and every other woman around me giving me advice and info i dont feel as bad. I will try and post pics and keep u guys updated on my progress :) Please feel free to send advice as well.