Monday, July 13, 2009

Damn I'm slippin..

I havent updated this blog in so long and I'm so ashamed. Since my last posting I've become a proud parent to a beautiful, precious and scrumptious little girl named Desiree Asha. She was born March 14 @ 7:40am and weight 7 pounds 3 oz 19 inches long. She is my heart and now I know how it feels when people say they will kill for their child. Lawd knows I would if need be lol. Motherhood has been great all the ups and downs have made me a stronger person. The hardest part of breastfeeding exclusively the first few months had me lookin like a straight sleep deprived raggamuffin lol. Bags under the eyes, untwisted locs ugh.. but after awhile, i was able to maintain the diva status so me and lil mama go out lookin just as cute as can be lol. Anyway, now that Im a mama, i guess I can blog more about that and my findings along the way. Sigh, it's 11:45pm, 15 mins left to my shift then off to pick up my little Tink. Signing Off for now