Wednesday, September 2, 2009

SMH @ what boredom can do..

So Dez is sleep, I'm doing my usual routine (watching Family Guy) and for some reason that brand new flat iron was calling me saying "OPEN ME!" lol so I did... I cracked that bad boy open and grabbed one of my front twists, said a lil prayer and went to work lol. Heres the result..

wow, I have a lil bit of hair there lol. I sat for awhile and thought "damn, I hope I didnt damage my curl pattern so I went and soaked my hair and in a matter of minutes heres the result

Shrinkage is BANANAS lol. Now that I know my hair will revert back, one day I'll get to doing the whole head lol

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

yeah, I did it too...

I'm now part of the "take down" crew lol. Sorry to all my YouTubers, but it was time for a change, and I swear this has been the best thing that has happened to me and i love every minute of it. When she turned bout 4 months old, i got the "thinning edges" and it looked even worse with locs. In extreme fear of the locs near my temples falling out, i stopped twisting my hair and kept it wrapped up with a silk scarf. I also used Jamaican Black Castor Oil as well as some Indian oils. Amla, Mahrajbingrah (im soooo sure i messed that spelling up lol) and Shikakai oil. The last oil smelled like food and made me kinda hungry at times lol. Now during this phase I was reallllly stressing and I knew the more I stressed the more my hair would eventually fall out. So, I just "Let go and Let God" i kept taking my prenatal vitamins (Still breastfeeding) tried my best to eat right, washed n deep conditioned every week, paying extreme caution to those weak temples and after about a month i noticed the hair starting to fill in again. Now, during this time I thought long and hair as to what my next step with my hair would be so I made the decision to take down my locs.

Wait, what did she say??.....

Yeah, Im taking down my locs..well took em down lol.. Everyone here at work was like NOOOOOO your locs are beautiful and all I reply is "its hair, it will grow back". My boyfriend was backing me up with my decision and stated that whatever I chose to do he would be happy. I love him to death lol. So prob the 2nd week of July i started to take down the last row. At this point i was so ready to say screw it, ima just leave em alone and let em grow out then cut off where my new growth stops. Then the second week of August i said, these locs MUST be out by my birthday which is Sept 13th so Ive been busy. There were nights i've picked out 5 or 6 and some days I skip and dont do any. And having a 5 month old and working 4pm to midnight doesnt help matters any.

Tools used..

I went to CVS and bought like 6 bottles of this V05 strawberries n cream conditioner and two tail combs with the metal tail. After awhile I just did it dry but then went back to soaking the sections in conditioner. I also had a pair of sciscors to cut the locs about halfway then started picking them out.

I'll be posting pics in a brand new album that I've created and keep you all posted :) wish me luck with this last bunch of locs lol. Oh and any one else who has taken down their locs please let me know how it went for you.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I love being a mommy :)

Every day is a brand new experience and i treasure each and every moment i have with my "Tink" yeah, thats her lil nickname I call her, and her dad has a few as well lol. She acknowledges all of them too. So, shes 8 days from being 5 months old..OMG Where did the time go? seems like she was JUST in my belly kickin up a storm like she was doing a BillyBlanks TaiBo workout lol. Shes eating solids now and so far loves everything shes tried..applesauce, bananas, green beans, rice cereal and peaches. She rolls over and is trying to crawl. She got the legs moving part down, but when it comes to the arms she aint quite got it yet lol.. its so funny, my lil mama acting like she wants to get down off your lap n start walking...if shes sitting up there she starts jerking and slinkin her body til she slides down toward the floor lol..**Note to self, time to start babyproofing lol** Shes sleep..I need to be lol. Time for some much needed zzzz's.. later yall

Monday, July 13, 2009

Damn I'm slippin..

I havent updated this blog in so long and I'm so ashamed. Since my last posting I've become a proud parent to a beautiful, precious and scrumptious little girl named Desiree Asha. She was born March 14 @ 7:40am and weight 7 pounds 3 oz 19 inches long. She is my heart and now I know how it feels when people say they will kill for their child. Lawd knows I would if need be lol. Motherhood has been great all the ups and downs have made me a stronger person. The hardest part of breastfeeding exclusively the first few months had me lookin like a straight sleep deprived raggamuffin lol. Bags under the eyes, untwisted locs ugh.. but after awhile, i was able to maintain the diva status so me and lil mama go out lookin just as cute as can be lol. Anyway, now that Im a mama, i guess I can blog more about that and my findings along the way. Sigh, it's 11:45pm, 15 mins left to my shift then off to pick up my little Tink. Signing Off for now

Monday, November 10, 2008

20 week update :)


decided to do weekly belly/baby blogs :) As of Nov 6th 2008 i turned 20 weeks

Friday, October 10, 2008

part 2....

Ok, so all summer long Ive been on public transportation which was soo hard in the beginning of my pregnancy, but its gotten better. I just got my car back up and running on wednesday from the mechanic and drove to work on thursday. On my way home, Im jamming, listening to New Kids on the Block (yeah this album is fire lol) and while cruising down the parkway, the effin car cuts off in the fast lane. Im tryin to keep cool and not panic so i throw the hazzard lights on and im stopped. I get out the car and walk a few feet away from the car and sit on the divider and call 911 for police assistance. Then good samaritan number 1 pulls over and gives me some flares so no one will come plowing into me. i thank him and hes like are u okay and i nod yeah as I was on the phone with the police. Then good samaritan number 2 pulls over and is like we gotta get u off the parkway, soon as he says that NYC cabs comes and rolls over 2 of my flares and in pure NY fashion we both yell "ASSHOLE" lol. anyway, this man literally stops traffic, backs his car up, stops traffic again and then pushes me off the highway. Once again, tryin to stay calm cuz its cold, im tired and yep gotta pee. So im in a more safer location as i call AAA. That was another 30min wait. So good samaritan #2 leaves his number (hes a livery cab driver) and says if i need anything his base is down the block. I thank him, go sit and play the waiting game. Im texting my sweetie since hes at work giving him updates and on the phone with my mom. around 2 AAA dude comes and i swear i must have been real tired but he looked just like Saddam, mustache and all lol. He turned the heat on and let me warm up while he put the car on the tow truck. Then he starts flyin down the parkway, and yeah i was nervous as hell lol. Hes like u have to use the bathroom right? I get u home to use bathroom lol im like dude its ok i can hold it lol. I get home, he takes the car down, mom pulls up to make sure everything is ok and then i fly in the house to go potty lol.

Im here now waiting on the mechanic to bring my part n fix the darn car smh. And i can honestly say, I didnt punk out and cry this week after all ive been through, but somehow ive been crying watching these baby stories on TLC lol..

What a week...

So, Monday I left work early cuz I was having some pains in my lower right side area. I went to the nurse at my job who encouraged me to go to the ER just to get things checked out. So I left work, met my mom at the train station and went to the hospital. We arrived there around 11:15pm and we were surprised at all of the new additions to the hospital. Then within about 15mins they called me and i went to the back. I changed into my gown and played the waiting game lol. Now I mind you, i had prob 3 doctors come in and ask me the same thing OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. I understand that the FNGs (freakin new guys) have to learn but i was just gettin aggravated of sounding like a broken record player. So they all take turns pokin me and prodding me like i was cattle. (aggravation increases). So they do the first ultrasound and i get to see my lil ones long arms and legs moving around on the screen. Saw the heartbeat and it was just a wonderful feeling. Soon as the tech was done, my mom comes in and just misses it, but im told I'll be getting another one done later. Fast forward to ultrasound two and mommy gets to witness it this time, all she says is "look at those arms n legs" lol. The tech said this ultrasound was inconclusive in regards to my pain so me and my mom is like sooooooooooo whats next? Then head of surgery comes in and is like we wanna make sure its NOT your appendix so they poke n prod some more. Then OBGYN comes down and says its most likely round ligament pain. I had one persistent doctor who felt strongly that I should stay and get a MRI done (safer than a CT scan) to make sure it isnt my appendix. So around 4am im told im going to be admitted. For a hot second, i was scared but knew it was for the best interests of me and the baby. 5:15am I get situated in my room and for some reason I knew that i wouldnt have this MRI anytime soon and I was right lol. 2pm was the time scheduled for my MRI and guess what? I havent eaten since around 7pm the night before when i left work, and COULDNT eat til I got the results of the MRI. Those results came like almost 6pm, and by this time im starving, ready to eat my arm and have the worst headache in the world lol. When I saw that tray of hospital food, I inhaled it, YES inhaled it lol, the salmon, mashed potatoes and corn tasted like it came from a 5 star restaurant lol.

In the end, everything turned out well, me and lil one are fine and as of today im 16 weeks 1 day. Ive been feeling more and more movements lately and it just feels sooooo amazing. Ima appreciate these lil taps n flutters now cuz i know the kicks are gonna be no joke lol

heres a sneak peek lol last week 15 weeks and 2 days