Wednesday, September 2, 2009

SMH @ what boredom can do..

So Dez is sleep, I'm doing my usual routine (watching Family Guy) and for some reason that brand new flat iron was calling me saying "OPEN ME!" lol so I did... I cracked that bad boy open and grabbed one of my front twists, said a lil prayer and went to work lol. Heres the result..

wow, I have a lil bit of hair there lol. I sat for awhile and thought "damn, I hope I didnt damage my curl pattern so I went and soaked my hair and in a matter of minutes heres the result

Shrinkage is BANANAS lol. Now that I know my hair will revert back, one day I'll get to doing the whole head lol


Anonymous said...

Oh my, I just completed "Project Takedown" on my sister's locs. I do have a pics on my blog. We did it in a week. Our main goal was to see it was actually possible.

MsButterfli said...

id love to see your blog :)

Ayi said...

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My hair is super straight as it always been, and wondering if I could still looks good with a twist like that. Never tried to experiment on my hair and this new year, I'm planning to go on a salon for a new me. Hope it will work out the way I am thinking it to be.