Monday, November 10, 2008

20 week update :)


decided to do weekly belly/baby blogs :) As of Nov 6th 2008 i turned 20 weeks

Friday, October 10, 2008

part 2....

Ok, so all summer long Ive been on public transportation which was soo hard in the beginning of my pregnancy, but its gotten better. I just got my car back up and running on wednesday from the mechanic and drove to work on thursday. On my way home, Im jamming, listening to New Kids on the Block (yeah this album is fire lol) and while cruising down the parkway, the effin car cuts off in the fast lane. Im tryin to keep cool and not panic so i throw the hazzard lights on and im stopped. I get out the car and walk a few feet away from the car and sit on the divider and call 911 for police assistance. Then good samaritan number 1 pulls over and gives me some flares so no one will come plowing into me. i thank him and hes like are u okay and i nod yeah as I was on the phone with the police. Then good samaritan number 2 pulls over and is like we gotta get u off the parkway, soon as he says that NYC cabs comes and rolls over 2 of my flares and in pure NY fashion we both yell "ASSHOLE" lol. anyway, this man literally stops traffic, backs his car up, stops traffic again and then pushes me off the highway. Once again, tryin to stay calm cuz its cold, im tired and yep gotta pee. So im in a more safer location as i call AAA. That was another 30min wait. So good samaritan #2 leaves his number (hes a livery cab driver) and says if i need anything his base is down the block. I thank him, go sit and play the waiting game. Im texting my sweetie since hes at work giving him updates and on the phone with my mom. around 2 AAA dude comes and i swear i must have been real tired but he looked just like Saddam, mustache and all lol. He turned the heat on and let me warm up while he put the car on the tow truck. Then he starts flyin down the parkway, and yeah i was nervous as hell lol. Hes like u have to use the bathroom right? I get u home to use bathroom lol im like dude its ok i can hold it lol. I get home, he takes the car down, mom pulls up to make sure everything is ok and then i fly in the house to go potty lol.

Im here now waiting on the mechanic to bring my part n fix the darn car smh. And i can honestly say, I didnt punk out and cry this week after all ive been through, but somehow ive been crying watching these baby stories on TLC lol..

What a week...

So, Monday I left work early cuz I was having some pains in my lower right side area. I went to the nurse at my job who encouraged me to go to the ER just to get things checked out. So I left work, met my mom at the train station and went to the hospital. We arrived there around 11:15pm and we were surprised at all of the new additions to the hospital. Then within about 15mins they called me and i went to the back. I changed into my gown and played the waiting game lol. Now I mind you, i had prob 3 doctors come in and ask me the same thing OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. I understand that the FNGs (freakin new guys) have to learn but i was just gettin aggravated of sounding like a broken record player. So they all take turns pokin me and prodding me like i was cattle. (aggravation increases). So they do the first ultrasound and i get to see my lil ones long arms and legs moving around on the screen. Saw the heartbeat and it was just a wonderful feeling. Soon as the tech was done, my mom comes in and just misses it, but im told I'll be getting another one done later. Fast forward to ultrasound two and mommy gets to witness it this time, all she says is "look at those arms n legs" lol. The tech said this ultrasound was inconclusive in regards to my pain so me and my mom is like sooooooooooo whats next? Then head of surgery comes in and is like we wanna make sure its NOT your appendix so they poke n prod some more. Then OBGYN comes down and says its most likely round ligament pain. I had one persistent doctor who felt strongly that I should stay and get a MRI done (safer than a CT scan) to make sure it isnt my appendix. So around 4am im told im going to be admitted. For a hot second, i was scared but knew it was for the best interests of me and the baby. 5:15am I get situated in my room and for some reason I knew that i wouldnt have this MRI anytime soon and I was right lol. 2pm was the time scheduled for my MRI and guess what? I havent eaten since around 7pm the night before when i left work, and COULDNT eat til I got the results of the MRI. Those results came like almost 6pm, and by this time im starving, ready to eat my arm and have the worst headache in the world lol. When I saw that tray of hospital food, I inhaled it, YES inhaled it lol, the salmon, mashed potatoes and corn tasted like it came from a 5 star restaurant lol.

In the end, everything turned out well, me and lil one are fine and as of today im 16 weeks 1 day. Ive been feeling more and more movements lately and it just feels sooooo amazing. Ima appreciate these lil taps n flutters now cuz i know the kicks are gonna be no joke lol

heres a sneak peek lol last week 15 weeks and 2 days

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sigh..time to do a update lol

Im so embarrassed that I havent updated my blog :( im such a slacker at times. But here I am, trying to update it and will do my best to be consistent with things. Well lets see, whats new with Ms.B? Well, I'm gonna be a mommy and I'm very very excited. As of today, I am currently 13 weeks and 2 days along and this has been the reason for my youtube hiatus. I was soooooo very sick the first trimester, to the point where I lost about 20lbs and the doc gave me meds (Zofran) to help with the nausea and was a godsend!! I noticed around my bday (9-13) that my symptoms started easing up and i felt my appetite coming back. Which was great because I went to Red Lobster to celebrate my aunt's new addition to her family, Ms. 16 year old Deasia. Then for my bday we went to IHOP (I swear its a yearly tradition that never gets old lol) and then that sunday my uncle cooked for me. Fried Chicken, short ribs, mac n cheese, veggies, cornbread, chocolate chocolate cake and shrimp fettucine alfredo. Lawdie and to top it off me and Deasia had ice cream cake. Can you say FULL!!! lol. Anyway Ive had so many ups and downs and been so emotional, but with the internet and every other woman around me giving me advice and info i dont feel as bad. I will try and post pics and keep u guys updated on my progress :) Please feel free to send advice as well.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Song of the Moment..

Ray J. "Sexy Can I?"...Its cute, its catchy and currently my ringtone lol. Sadly, he does good singles but the albums are usually well...garbage lol. This shoulda probably came out during the summer cuz I definitely coulda seen myself rockin it in the car with the locs swingin' in the wind lol let me know what yall think of the song....

Friday, February 15, 2008

Flashback Friday.....

How does it feeeeeeeeel???

Lawd hammercy D'angelo get ya shit together and PLEASE come back to us!! lol

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008


Ladies run on over to the MAC site and go get ya FAFI on!! lol. All I had left to order was my scarf since I THINK I got everything I wanted already lol.

Enter code FAFI at checkout for FREE SHIPPING. (I entered it on a whim and it worked!)

Here is my total from my accumulated Fafi Haulin'

Fafi Eyes 2 36.00
Sassed Up 21.00
Mini Bag 15.00
scarf 15.00
Sugar Trance 14.00
Cult Fave 14.00
Perky paint pot 16.50
nice vice paint pot 16.50
cash flow paint pot 16.50
fascinating eye kohl 13.50
Fafinette Doll Monoka 9.00

187.00+8.375% tax= $202.66

Wait, i dont know if my order for the scarf online went thru or not, so add another $17.00 to that lol, well, I'll have 2 scarves if it did

Didn't think I'd end up getting this much, and to think i still may want a blush :-x lol

Heatherette will be lower i know for a fact tho lol

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hey Shawnta, Look what I did! lol

Well I was here at work and was watching one of my subscription of Ms Shawnta715 on YouTube, and she had a vid of making a nice pretty PINLESS bun for those of us with locs. Well, my headache finally went away so I tried my bun and here are the results..




Looks pretty good for my first try huh? lol.. Oh my goodness this right here will save me the agony of looking aroung the house for my ponytail elastics lol and my head doesnt feel as heavy as I thought it would lol. Oh, by the way, don't know if u can tell but I'm rocking Jardin Aires pigment and Carbon (both by MAC) on my eyes. My blackberry kinda washed it out, but it looked good in person.

Here is the vid that got me all amped to try this out today. Thanks again Shawnta :)

Monistat as a makeup primer? No not THAT Monistat lol


I've sure you all have read on one forum or another about this little miracle in a tube. I bought this when it first came out because it was summertime, and a sista is carrying DD's in the front so it did a good job in creating a barrier between myself and my over the shoulder boulder holder lol. Anyway, I've started noticing more and more women are using this as a primer for their makeup. At first I'm like hmmmm i know its good for chaffing but not for makeup. So i tested the tube i had along with this pore minimizer/primer I had from Fashion Fair. Both items had the same consistency, and both dried to a nice matte finish. There is a great website that I think this site will give you ladies great insight to the whole Monistat makeup theory.

Did me yet ANOTHER drugstore haul lol

Well, I always end up in Duane Reade, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid or some other store on sundays before work. Today it was Duane Reade and I picked up these cool items. I got 2 Wet-n-Wild Palettes they have 8 shadows in each and i think looked really good swatched on my NC50 skin (at least thats what the MAC MA told me sometimes last year lol)

This one is Lustrious Neutrals

And here are some swatches

This one is called Golden Shimmers

Again, some swatches

And I also picked up this Jane Minerals In A Box set. It comes with 4 mineral eyeshadows, 4 mineral lipglosses, 2 mineral bronzers and 2 mineral blushes. It says its supposed to be frangrance free and talc free (YES!) as well as safe for sensitive eyes and contact wearers.

Heres the box all stacked together

and here are the items

I'll try to swatch the Jane items later tonight, i ran out of hand space lol. The WetnWild palettes were 1.24 each and the Jane Box was also less than $2.00. SAY WHAT?!?!? lol. I really like the WetNWild shadows, they look really good with out a base and primer so I can only imagine what it will look like with one. I'll keep u gals updated!

Monday, February 4, 2008

MAC Pro visit with a lil Fafi thrown in the mix

So i finally hit up the Pro Store in NY at their new location, BEAUTIFUL. I got to see the Fafi collection and get a small amount of things. I passed on Fafi 1 quad cuz i already have 2 of the 4 colors and Fafi 2, looks like it wont do much for me so these are the only things i picked up today



Isnt the doll too cute!! I just realized the theme of me gettin the "green" Fafinette lol and I got the Lipglass in Sugar Trance. Sigh, maybe I'll go back and get the paintpots and more lipglasses on Wednesday who

OOOOOOOH and while I was there, I overheard them saying they were having a big press event and Heatherette was gonna be there! And I was was leaving i seen a box with these pretty Pink boxes that had Heatherette across the front. I was dying to know what was inside lol. I asked a MA when was the collection coming out and she held her lips tight and smiled, when I said soon? she said sooner than u think. Oh goooooooodness the anticipation is killing me, maybe I'll like that collection a lil better..Ok rambling is stopped now lol

And here is Ms. Fergie Ferg, the New Viva Glam spokesperson. A lot of folks been complaining bout her being the new spokesperson, but I think she looks great!


Thursday, January 31, 2008


I get off work drive a few blocks and see my brake light come on, so I pull over and pop the hood to throw some brake fluid in as a quick fix. I see this chick litterally fallin down drunk with a itty bitty skirt, torn stocking and whatnot. She keeps stumbling then boom, she falls, I rush over to help her and then 5 dudes pop up outta nowhere. I'm helpin the girl up and one of the dudes is like "don't worry we got this". Something inside me wanted to say and do more but I'm like 5 dudes, a drunk chick and myself..not a good scenario. So she gets up sayin she's fine and walks away and the dudes followed her around the corner. All I could do was pray there was someone around the corner to help her cuz if somethin happened I woulda had that woulda been heavy on my conscience. So I put the fluid in and start my car and hit the corner qnd there's the girl and a older lady standing with her as she using her cellphone and the dudes were no where to be found. I felt relieved yet numb at the same time cuz I'm like damn... Either A) I coulda helped this chick to safety or B) got my. behind raped right along with her. Sigh..just felt like sharing that with yall

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Retail Therapy

Sigh, I must be going thru something, because I've really been doing some retail therapy heres my recently accumulated goodies
Super soft plushy robe from Bath & Body works Retail was $80 and marked down to $20





Miscellaneous bath n body works items, Pink grapefruit body wash, CO Bigelow Oil Free Face Gel Shine-Control Formula, 2 Lip renewal remedy

Metal X Shadows in Pink Inglot, Metalblu, Fusion Gold, otherworldly paint pot, Haunting Shadow, A Mei lipglass in Love Rules and 242 brush

Rite Aid Wet n Wild 99 Cent haul, i really love these waterproof liquid liners, they really have some staying power! Black-brown, espresso and smoky, concealor that is most likely not my shade, but for 99 cents eh wth lol. cream shadow palette and a white eyeliner pencil. Damn Tyra and her suggestions lol.

and lastly RCA Small wonder, cute little video camera. It takes sd cards and has a flip out window to do self video recording. So far i really like it :)

NO MORE TIL FAFI!!!! ( i must repeat this mantra to myself, but im really feening for the purple metal x shadow lol)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Sooooo.....whats in my bag?

Theres no way in h-e double hockey sticks that i should have this much crapola in my bag with me..on a daily basis lol, but the Girl Scout in me (motto was Be Prepared) has forced me to become this way. So this is my bag, you guys probably recognize this bag from MAC, there were 3 of them that came out with the Blue Storm collection, (someone correct me if im wrong) this is the middle sized one pictured here
Now heres a pic of whats inside....



lets try and sort this out now lol
Hello Kitty mirror (somehow I've developed a strange attraction to this lil kitty lol)
Blot Powder in Dark
Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC55
Hair ties to hold the locs back when I'm gettin my grub on lol
my baby buki, 181se from the Novel Twist Collection
4 different lipglosses, the first is Loreal shine struck lipcolor in Splendid
then Contessa lipglass from the plum lips bag from Antiquitease? Curiositease? one of them "tease" collections lol, Instant Gold lipglass and Sinnamon lustreglass.

I also have Beige-ing Shadestick, clear brow finisher, spiked brow pencil, tweezers, brow lash comb, Cover Girl lash exact mascara (I lovvvve this stuff, new holy grail)
and the rest of the stuff is Halls, Phazyme and my random headache/pain medicine). All the makeup is actually in the small MAC mini bag inside the blue one,


It just makes it easier when im changing purses. I should have arms of steel from just carrying this alone lol but i swear that i NEED this stuff daily lol.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

My Hair..

Figured I'd talk a little bit about my hair. I have been natural for almost 9 years now and these are my second set of locs. How I came to locs is on one fateful day, I allowed someone other than myself touch my hair. I was one who colored, relaxed, weaved, braided and everything else to my hair, so I figured I needed a break and would let someone else do my hair. Well, I had a couple of little signs that this particular day would NOT be a good one. First off, the lady is applying my relaxer, after its been in for awhile, I tell her its starting to burn. She tells me oh just a lil longer, it will be fine...WTF?!?! Im like no, take it out its burning. So she finally obliges. She washed my hair, conditioned, roller set my hair then put me under the dryer. I come out the dryer and she proceeds to take out my rollers and flat iron my hair. Heres were things take a terrible turn..she takes the flat iron out the stove..doesn't even get the chance to fan it to try and cool it off....AND
DROPS IT DEAD ON MY NECK!!! The pain was so excruciating that when I yelled no sound came out. Little kids ran next door to the bodega buying icee's to put on my neck and all you could hear were gasps throughout the salon. As I stood up, with a big 50 cent icee strapped to my neck, I calmly snatched the cape off, grabbed my purse and left..(you didnt think she was getting paid did ya? lol) That slow walk home put so many thoughts in my head like, "dammit Tasha, look what being lazy got you" and "you should really go back and beat that trick down" but I digress lol. I went home and a few days later, i had severe breakage around my hairline which forced me to rock my hair parted in the middle to cover it, as well as walk around reeking of Sulfur 8 grease trying to grow my hair back. That was the last straw for me, so for months I kept going uptown to Harlem to get my hair braided every 6 weeks. Every time I went, i would cut some of the relaxed hair off. I did this for approximately 10 months before I went and did the big chop. I went to NuTribe salon in my native Queens and started my journey of natural hair. As I sat in the chair watching the hairdresser coil up my hair i went through so many emotions, what am I doing? i'ma look a hot ass mess things of that nature. I was so embarrassed that i held the towel up in front of my face to hide. When the hairdresser asked me what I doing, I replied "I'm ugly, I look horrible" He replied that I didnt look ugly and that I looked even more beautiful than when i came in. He told me that I've been conditioned so long that my nice relaxed hair equated to beauty that I didnt realize what true beauty in its natural form was. Over time, I got used to my hair, not gonna front but the first year was hell lol. My lil buds had minds of their own and i used to wake up with them going every which way. Now here I am, 4 years later, loving my hair, loving its versatility and loving to see more and more ladies with their hair in its natural form. To me, its like a special society, if u see someone with natural hair whether its locs, twist out or a 'fro, u can strike up a convo just like that. What I don't like are the stupid questions, "can you take those out?", "do you wash your hair?" (WTF @ that one) and my number one pet peeve are those who walk up to me and try to touch my hair UGHHHHHH!!! i had to tone down my reflexes from damn near smackin folks for doing that lol. Anyway, i'm not knocking those who are still rockin' their relaxed hair, these are just personal opinions and insights. I'll post up the products that I use soon.

This was approximately a lil past the 1st year

Rockin a Bun

lil over 3 yrs

and some of my FOTD's i posted u can see the length

Testing out Loreal HiP Duo "Playful"

NYC Browzers (Brunette)
Tan Ray paint
Shell CCB
Loreal HIP Duo "Playful"
maybelline lash exact and volume exact
milani select cover concealer
MSF dark
Glissade ( never shows in pics tho )
Milani Serendipity on the lips.



More Randomness

Brow Shader- Walnut/Ivoire
Brow Set- Show Off
Paint- Tan Ray
Big T e/s
Romping e/s
Rose Blanc e/s
Dollymix Blush.. its light cuz i saw was scared
milani minerals loose mineral powder (tan)
hush, hush tendertone gloss

i swear Fix+ just makes me seem to glow lol


Love me some Old Gold

bare canvas paint
old gold pigment
loreal saucy duo (dark brown side)
blacktrack fluidline
brow shader (walnut/ivoire)
brow set (show off)
NC45 concealer under brows
milani minerals loose powder (tan)
wee bit of glissade (cant tell on the pic tho :( )
cresent l/g


Fashion is Not a Luxury

Thats what Sarah Jessica Parker says for her Bitten line...(which i love) so heres me rockin her shirt..

Had to throw the deuce of their for all those who chuck the deuces lol

loreal HIP eyeshadow extender
Firespot e/s
cranberry e/s
NC45 concealer on browbone
Blacktrack fluidline
loudlash black
espresso in brows
Ardell clear brow gel
selectmoisture cover NC50
afterdusk blush
milani minerals loose powder Tan

Hush, Hush




My version of the C-Shock Lil Sizzler look

Loreal HIP eyeshadow extender
brow shader walnut/ivoire
NC45 concealer on browbone
Milani Sun Goddess (dupe for Amber Lights)
Fab n Flashy
blacktrack fluidline
loudlash black
milani minerals loose powder Tan
dollymix blush
mega lipgelee
she-boom lipgelee




Playin with Delft PaintPot

Milani Storm-crease
Blacktrack Fluidline
Espresso- Brows
Too Faced Lash Injection
MSF Dark
Global Glow MSF
Chestnut Lipliner
Florabundance lipglass